About Us

Through extensive research and development, Morfaya, produces and sources the finest quality lab tested and certified Cannabis oils, ingredients, products, and Cannabis related accessories, both locally and internationally. Through a due diligence process that Morfaya follows, ensures that we carefully select which customers and stakeholders to work with.

In this way, we deliver pure value, innovation and the highest quality products to our customers and stakeholders.

Our aim is to give the latest and the best offerings from the world of Cannabis to our audience and to improve the lives of their families. Through experiencing our innovative and exciting products, it also allows our customers and stakeholders to experience the world of Cannabis in many other exciting ways to improve their well-being.

Our product range offers top quality items including:

  • Topicals: Products for Skincare; Face creams, hand creams, salves and lip balms.
  • Supplements; CBD Drops and Capsules.
  • Edibles: Brownies, Gummies and Lollipops.

For more serious ailments and chronic conditions, we offer the finest CBD oil tinctures, vape cartridges, and capsules with lab test documents.

We are always scanning the industry for the latest, finest quality and most innovative products and ingredients to add to our cannabis products and online store and through our chain of relationships with various other Cannabis stores in shopping malls and throughout South Africa, we’re engaging with our customers directly on a daily basis to understand their direct needs and to fulfil them best we can.

What are your needs? Drop us a message on our contact page and we will gladly get in touch.

Keep it irie!