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This 50ml All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral based fertilizer suited for all mediums and systems. It can be used from the vegetative phase all the way through to flowering/maturation phase.

The unique manufacturing process makes All-in-One Liquid not sensitive to pH-variations and therefore applicable in a wide pH-range.


  • Simple and easy to use 100% mineral NPK fertilizer
  • Not sensitive to pH-variations (can be used in a wide pH-range)
  • Economic in use at 1 to max. 2 ml per 1 L. all the way through
  • Is fully soluble and suited for all watering systems (incl. recirculating systems)
  • Can be used in all applications (soil, coco, rockwool, soil-less etc.)
  • Made out of pure raw materials for optimum bioavailability and contains no ballast salts or chlorides
  • As All-in-One Liquid contains no chlorides, it has no negative impact on microlife.


All-in-One Liquid is a highly concentrated nutrient (1:1000). The standard dilution rate is 1 ml per 2l. Because of the high concentration, All-in-One Liquid is cost effective to use.

  • Use All-in-One Liquid every time you water your plants
  • The measured rise in EC when dissolving All-in-One Liquid is a real EC-value as it contains no ballast salts and chlorides
  • Under optimal conditions the dilution rate may be increased up to max. 2ml per 2L
Additional Info
Weight 50gram
Ingredients Essential elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. | Microelements: boron, molybdenum, iron, manganese, zinc and copper
Product Size 50mm X 50mm X 120mm
Dosage 1ml per 2l; Under optimal conditions the dilution rate may be increased up to max. 2ml per 2l.

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