Vermiculite (1kg)

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Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that takes the form of glossy flakes, varying in color from dark gray to sandy brown. These flakes, which are more specifically a hydrated magnesium iron aluminum silicate mineral, get heated up in a purpose-built a commercial furnace, where they then expand and take on a concertina shape, almost like a tiny accordion.

It is this version of vermiculite that is used in horticulture most commonly as a means of improving soil quality or giving seedlings a helping hand to root more quickly.

Vermiculite produced for use in the garden will always be the exfoliated type of vermiculite. It has many useful qualities that can benefit your soil and plants. It is aerating, moisture-retentive, nutrient-retentive, lightweight, non-toxic, sterile, does not rot or mold, and has a neutral pH.

Additional Info
Weight 1 Kg
Dosage Mix about 1 - 2 handfuls of vermiculite for every 5 dm3 of soil. Ideally best with coco-peat, vermiculite and organic soil.
Container Plastic Ziplock Bag
Material Vermiculite
Color Sandy brown

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